Independent Cinema Alliance Adds Member Benefit Program with Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition Services

The DCDC partnership brings cutting-edge digital delivery services to ICA members, enhancing the distribution and exhibition of cinematic content across North America. This alliance will ensure that ICA members gain access to a specially created network equipped with next-generation satellite and terrestrial distribution technologies, capable of delivering feature films, promotional content, pre-show programming, and live events directly to theaters.

DCDC’s Live Event Footprint Tops 1,030 Sites

Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC) is excited to announce the Network’s live theatrical event footprint has now surpassed 1,030 sites, expanding the opportunity to bring more consumers together for exclusive live cinematic experiences. These live capable sites, part of DCDC’s burgeoning network, now total over 3,120 theaters and more than 33,300 screens across the U.S.

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