(Los Angeles, CA – January 16, 2024) The Cinema Buying Alliance, LLC (ICA Marketplace) is pleased to announce a partnership with Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC).

The DCDC partnership brings cutting-edge digital delivery services to ICA members, enhancing the distribution and exhibition of cinematic content across North America. This alliance will ensure that ICA members gain access to a specially created network equipped with next-generation satellite and terrestrial distribution technologies, capable of delivering feature films, promotional content, pre-show programming, and live events directly to theaters.

By leveraging DCDC’s robust infrastructure and its significant growth in network reach, the partnership is poised to bring unparalleled benefits to ICA members. With DCDC’s support, theaters will have more delivery options, increase their operational efficiency, and ensure that the highest quality content reaches audiences faster and more reliably than ever before.

“DCDC is an industry lead coalition that we want to service the needs of all distributors and exhibitors who find value in our offer”, stated Howard Kiedaisch, CEO of DCDC. “I think the ICA is a great initiative to help support the independent exhibitors and we will do anything and everything we can to help their members.”
“Partnering with DCDC is a game-changer for our members,” said Joel Davis, ICA Board Member and ICA Marketplace Team Lead. “This collaboration will not only streamline content distribution but also enhance the cinematic experience for moviegoers through the advanced capabilities of digital delivery.”

About ICA

The ICA is a not-for-profit, volunteer alliance of independent cinemas operating in communities throughout the United States and Canada. Theatres operated by alliance members range in size from single-screen venues in small towns to multiplexes in larger cities. Currently there are 280 member companies representing more than 5,000 screens sharing one common goal: to provide a public voice that promotes the importance of independent cinemas as a valuable and necessary part of a healthy and vibrant motion picture industry. For more information, visit www.cinemaalliance.org.

About Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition:

Formed by AMC Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Regal Entertainment Group, Universal Pictures, and Warner Bros. Entertainment, DCDC is revolutionizing the industry with its digital delivery services. With a footprint that has rapidly expanded to include over 420 Exhibitors and over 55 Content Providers, DCDC is committed to leading the charge as the cinema world transitions to digital. DCDC’s network, which has seen record growth since its inception, covers over 3,000 sites and 33,100 screens. The company’s commitment to a non-profit model and its unique position, owned by both exhibitors and distributors, ensure that DCDC will continue to offer unparalleled value and service to the industry for years to come.

Rich Daughtridge – President
Independent Cinema Alliance
Tel: (301) 791-1221
Email: rich@highrock.com
Web: cinemaalliance.org

Howard Kiedaisch – Chief Executive Officer
Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition
Tel: 310-651-2600
Email: dcdcnetwork@dcdcnetwork.com
Web: dcdcdistribution.com