March 7, 2023

Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (DCDC) is excited to announce the Network’s live theatrical event footprint has now surpassed 1,030 sites, expanding the opportunity to bring more consumers together for exclusive live cinematic experiences. These live capable sites, part of DCDC’s burgeoning network, now total over 3,120 theaters and more than 33,300 screens across the U.S.

“We’ve been working hard to push for more live capability across the industry as this is a functionality that benefits both content owners and cinema operators.” stated Howard Kiedaisch, CEO of DCDC. “By having a bigger footprint, it not only means more exhibitors and consumers are enjoying the benefits of live events, but it provides content distributors more opportunities to monetize their shows which in turn means more programs will be offered.”

The DCDC Network has delivered 78 live events since inception with plans to surpass 90 live events by the end of 2023. The wide variety of live events delivered have included Esports competitions, Q&As with film talent, concerts, and sporting events such as boxing, wrestling, and MMA. The Network delivered 30 live events in 2022 alone including Coldplay: Music of the Spheres Live from Buenos Aires, Paramount’s Scream Opening Night Q&A Fan Event, BTS Permission to Dance on Stage: Seoul, and Netflix’s The Gray Man Q&A.

DCDC is thrilled to contribute to the growing live cinema event space with leading Content owner and Exhibitor participation. Trafalgar Releasing’s Coldplay: Music of the Spheres Live from Buenos Aires was a record breaking hit broadcast to 81 countries. This is the largest number of countries for a live cinema event presentation and entered the worldwide cinema box office top 10 that week.

Live event cinema bolsters audience engagement such as Paramount and Spyglass Media Group’s widely successful early screening and live Q&A of Scream 5 featuring star David Arquette alongside filmmakers Matt Betinelli-Olpin and Tyler Gillet, and screenwriter Kevin Williamson.

There are various ways to add live capability, depending on the type of equipment located in each theater. DCDC has made available the Kencast decoder, a solution that allows you to make any screen live enabled with easy installation for cinema staff. Alternatively, some servers have software upgrades that enable a projector to handle live content without the extra equipment.

About Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition

DCDC was formed by AMC Theatres, Cinemark Theatres, Regal Entertainment Group, Universal Pictures and Warner Bros. Entertainment to provide the industry with theatrical digital delivery services across North America through a specially created network of next-generation satellite and terrestrial distribution technologies. It is capable of supporting feature, promotional, pre-show and live content distribution into theaters.

The Network is designed to ensure audiences have the highest-quality entertainment experience, while exhibitors and content providers achieve a continuing strategic, secure and cost-effective distribution model that will stand the test of time. As digital electronic distribution replaces the use of other forms of more traditional content distribution, users of the DCDC Network will always have access to a host of delivery options and resources.