John Nohelty


John Nohelty has served as chief financial officer of the Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition since 2013.

Mr. Nohelty joined the DCDC after spending his entire 30-plus year professional career at the Eastman Kodak Co., where he rose to become president of the Hollywood-, Tennessee- and Milan-based subsidiary responsible for the manufacturing of leader and sound recording films, as well as a significant film recycling operation for the studios. He worked to successfully broaden the FPC unit’s recycling business line well beyond entertainment during his years in the role following his 2007 promotion to the post.

After graduating with a degree in chemistry from Holy Cross College and an MBA in finance from Boston College, Mr. Nohelty began his career at Kodak in 1980 as a financial analyst supporting manufacturing operations in Colorado. After several successful assignments, he moved to the company’s main manufacturing facility in Rochester, NY, where his financial management responsibilities included a role with the motion picture and professional films division.

Later, he helped launch the company’s groundbreaking Cineon post-production line, as well as its Cinesite subsidiary. Relocating to Kodak’s Hollywood office, Mr. Nohelty held financial and sales management positions. His responsibilities included serving as one of its lead negotiators for studio and lab contracts over a decade-long period, which helped to push Kodak’s entertainment division toward a record performance during that period.