Surge for Industry’s Pioneering & Largest Digital Delivery Network Includes Screens, Exhibitors, Content Providers, Film Deliveries and Special Events

Los Angeles, CA, April 11, 2016 – Digital Cinema Distribution Coalition (“DCDC”), the transformative North American theatrical content distribution organization founded by Warner Bros. Entertainment, Universal Pictures, Regal Entertainment Group, Cinemark Theatres and AMC Theatres, today announced posting major across-the-board gains in all key categories during its second full year of operation. Additionally, DCDC reported it had made nearly 400,000 deliveries of features and other content, including live and pre-recorded events, to theaters nationwide through December 2015.

“The rapid year-to-year growth we see heading into CinemaCon can be directly attributed to the revolutionary business plan our exhibitor and studio founders have created for the entire industry,” said DCDC CEO Randy Blotky. “By combining the most sophisticated and efficient digital delivery technologies with a pioneering, low-cost economic model, we have built a platform capable of delivering massive volumes of feature films and other content to theaters, opening up a whole new world of opportunities limited only by our customers’ imaginations.”

In its first direct year-to-year comparisons, DCDC finished 2015 with double- and triple-percentage increases in every significant category, including the number of screens, exhibitors and major studios, and leading independent content providers. The surge also extends to delivery of features, and to special pre-recorded and live events.

Results for the previous year encompass all of 2014, plus the three-month period following DCDC’s October 2013 launch. Records set as of December 2015 (vs. 2014) include:


Number of screens jumped 30% and is now close to 25,000
Number of installed satellite sites went up 40% and is now over 2,000
Number of exhibitors signed jumped nearly 170% and to date has surpassed 100

Content Providers:

Number of content providers signed increased by 140% and now stands at 32

Special Events:

Number of events delivered: 38, surged 245% including DCDC’s first five live events

Film Deliveries:

Number of titles delivered: 200, gained 15%

Highest number of titles delivered in one month: 29, climbing over 60%

New content provider customers added in the last year include BY Experience, Bleecker Street, EuropaCorp, Gathr Films, Group 1200 Media, Pure Flix Entertainment, Shorts International, SpectiCast, Tugg and The Weinstein Company. These leadingindependent content providers have taken their place alongside all of the major studios and other content providers as DCDC customers. Exhibition customers range from the large multiplexes to drive-ins and art houses.